Every day at Boston Children’s, children receive innovative, life-saving care. Our researchers are looking to find cures for complex diseases. Families travel from across the world to get treatment. Equally important, Boston Children’s takes care of children and families in our Boston neighborhoods. Improving the health and well-being of children and families in Boston has been part of our community mission since 1990. This means taking care of our own—and it also means supporting children and families who may not be our patients.

Our efforts focus on addressing the behavioral health issues of students in schools, mitigating the impact of violence and trauma on children, providing support for early childhood efforts and child development, offering health education, and then using prevention and intervention strategies to address chronic diseases such as asthma and obesity.

To learn more, see below for some stories about Boston Children's community health efforts. 

William J. Ostiguy High School: A Safe, Sober Place for Teens

Ostiguy High is providing teens with a supportive place to stay safe and sober while still earning their diploma. The school was recently awarded the Boston Children’s William L. Boyan Award for Excellence in Community Health. Learn more

Supporting families to focus on healthy eating

Kohl's and Boston Children’s Healthy Family Fun Program is helping families to make healthier choices. Mattapan Community Health Center, one of 11 community health centers participating in this program, is getting children and parents to integrate healthy eating and physical activity into their daily lives Learn more

Connecting Care and Behavioral Health

Dr. Joanne Cox is the 2018 recipient of the David S. Weiner Award, which annually recognizes an outstanding Boston Children’s employee or provider for leadership and innovation in child health. Cox was recognized for her work to establish and lead the Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Program. Learn more