Our Voices

"In the Center for Families, our commitment to diversity is found less in the programs we offer than in the personal relationships we create. Our effectiveness as caregivers depends on taking the time to learn how and why people are different and how this affects their understanding of well-being, illness and recovery".

--Cecilia Matos, Educator, Center for Families

Umetsu, treatment for peanut allergy

"The prevalence of asthma is higher in Black Americans and in inner city populations, but it affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. It has increased dramatically in prevalence over the last two decades, doubling in children over this period of time".

---Dale Umetsu, PhD, Asthma Researcher


"We can't just stay within our walls if we want to improve the health of children. Children's is in the community, working with health centers, schools and neighborhood groups to address health issues. We are combining our medical expertise with the knowledge and experience of our community partners to ensure that children have access to the kind of care they need, where they need it, when they need it".

--Shari Nethersole, MD, Medical Director, Community Health

"Boston Children's has a unique culture that embraces the diversity of gay and lesbian employees in many ways -- from providing health insurance benefits for same-sex couples to marching in Boston's Gay Pride parade".

--Todd Katzman, Department Administrator for Surgery


"At Boston Children's, it's like the world comes to you because children from virtually every country walk through these doors. The culture is diverse and collaborative, and everything centers around our patients and their families".

--Brenda Suatengco, RN, Neuroscience


"Boston Children's recognizes the importance of creating a safe environment for adolescents questioning sexuality. The Division of Adolescent Medicine offers national and local training workshops for providers around health issues faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients. Staff also network with Boston-area organizations to provide care and counseling for youths facing health and psychological concerns related to sexuality".

--Maurice Melchiono, RN, MS, C-FNP, Nursing Director for Ambulatory Medicine