Boston Children's at Brookline Place | Project Schedule

The project schedule below provides information for significant upcoming work for Boston Children’s at Brookline Place. This schedule is updated regularly.

Brookline Place Redevelopment Project

Brookline Place Redevelopment Project

Look Ahead Schedule

January 11, 2019

Current Phase – 3: Construction of 2 Brookline Place (2BP) and 1 Brookline Place (1BP) addition

Upcoming Activities

Weekend Work: 1/12

1 BP: No work

2 BP: No work

Monday, 1/14 Friday, 1/18:

Site Operation:

  • Deliveries ongoing by all trades through gates 1 and 3 – this will result in crane operations throughout the week
  • Scaffold at South and West elevation at 1BP with insulation protection



  • 2-HR rated wall work at the East wall new-existing
  • Brick veneer install to continue at West and North elevations
  • Complete roof installation


  • Curtain wall clips, framing and punch windows install at NW and SE corners (crane)
  • AVB and roof installation
  • Complete fireproofing at exterior structural framing
  • Complete exterior metal framing at South and West elevations
  • Sheathing at South and West floors 3-8, with AVB to follow

Structural Steel:

1BP: Complete

2BP: Complete

Building Interior:


  • Fire shutter door install level 1
  • Continue build-out of 2-HR rated egress corridor (Level 1)
  • Mechanical, electrical, sprinkler, and plumbing trades working on levels 2-7
  • Moisture mitigation at level 3
  • Drywall and taping levels 2-5
  • Pulling cables through riser pipes
  • Paint and fit out various electrical/data rooms at level 1


  • Select interior metal framing levels 3-8 and penthouse
  • Door frame deliveries and install
  • MEP rough installations on-going at all floors
  • Elevator equipment installation

Future Activities:



  • Brick veneer installation and granite base
  • Install exterior doors/frames
  • Northeast and southeast expansion joints (new to existing) to be completed


  • Exterior metal framing and sheathing
  • AVB, metal panels and curtain wall framing and glass install
  • Construct loading dock framing

Building Interior / Utilities:


  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler rough installations on-going
  • Gypsum wall board install and taping of all floors
  • Install plumbing and toilet accessories in bathroom levels 2-6
  • Begin acoustic ceiling tile install
  • Toilet accessories delivery and install


  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler rough installations on-going
  • Interior metal stud framing and door frame install
  • Moisture mitigation on all floors

More information about Boston Children’s at Brookline Place can be found at, and photos from the site can be found here.

The Brookline Place project team mailing address is: One Brookline Place, Suite 521, Brookline, MA 02445.