Mission & Values

Our mission

 Care, Research, Teach, Community

  • Provide the highest quality health care


  • Be the leading source of research and discovery


  • Educate the next generation of leaders in child health


  • Enhance the health and well-being of the children and families in our local community

Our Values


Speaks and listens respectfully, communicates clearly and responds thoughtfully and promptly

  • Shares information and ideas with others
  • Keeps his/her manager informed about progress and challenges
  • Communicates respectfully both verbally and non-verbally to all patients, families and colleagues
  • Uses multiple channels or means to communicate important messages
  • Ensures that important information from across the enterprise is shared with his/her direct reports and others as appropriate (managers/supervisors only)


Treats others with empathy and compassion; values our differences

  • Contributes to a workplace environment that promotes respect and fairness for self and others including privacy and confidentiality.
  • Demonstrates respect for different personal and professional viewpoints, philosophies and beliefs.
  • Values the diversity of each individual’s unique talents, life and work styles in seeking to create balanced work groups (managers/supervisors only


Achieves the highest standards of performance every moment of every day

  • Models excellence through attention to detail and a focus on quality care, problem-solving and teamwork
  • Makes every effort to deliver on the commitments that we make to each other and exceed the expectations of every patient family.
  • As leaders we strive to keep our teams positive and empowered (managers/supervisors only)


Holds ourselves and each other to higher standards of performance through attention to detail and personal integrity

  • Shows a high level of integrity a willingness to take responsibility for his/her own actions and in the case of error, admits it and works to improve
  • Demonstrates personal responsibility for achieving goals and commitments
  • Seeks out feedback to improve processes and add to knowledge base
  • Demonstrates a sense of ownership for team results, cross checking one another and communicating the need for corrective action as needed
  • Creates a work environment designed for accountability by clearly defining and cascading goals for the Hospital and its staff specifically personal performance objectives, measuring results and follow through with objective evaluations and defining measures of success. (managers/supervisors only)


Collaborates to achieve cooperative solutions

  • Chooses to be inclusive by involving others across functions, seeking ideas and sharing resources and solutions
  • Supports collaboration by building trust and strong relationships across our one enterprise
  • Works together with others cooperatively to achieve our common goals
  • Builds high performing team cultures based on the values of collaboration, mutual support and team cohesion (managers/supervisors only)


Demonstrates and supports openness to change and new ideas

  • Demonstrates an openness to change in both positive mindset and behavior
  • Takes a visionary view on challenges and seeks creative solutions
  • Generates, evaluates and implements new ideas as well as adapting others’ existing ideas collaboratively
  • Creates a culture that emphasizes innovation through collaboration between team members and encourages freedom for the flow of information. Provides the necessary resources and creative space to encourage innovative behavior (managers/supervisors only)