Boston Children's Hospital has the largest training program for pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists in the country. Every year, 400 of the country's best and brightest medical and surgical trainees come to Boston Children's from around the world; more than half come from the top medical schools.

More importantly, these men and women are selected for their potential leadership in their respective fields and their commitment to advancing the frontiers of pediatric care. In fact, a 24-year analysis of residents who have graduated from our Department of Medicine found that 44 percent go on to become leaders in academic medicine, including positions as deans, chairs and program heads across the country.

Did you know?

Boston Children's offers the only training programs in Massachusetts for:

Boston Children's offers the only training programs in New England for:

Boston Children's has the largest accredited training programs in the country for:

Boston Children's Pediatric Sports Medicine Fellowship Program is one of only 9 accredited pediatric sports medicine programs in the country.

Boston Children's Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Residency Program is one of only 7 accredited neurodevelopmental disabilities programs in the country.


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