Orthopedic Specialists| Complex Cases

Each “Complex Case” in Boston Children’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Advancing Orthopedics newsletter details the complexities of a surgical procedure or treatment plan for a patient with a particularly complicated condition or injury.

Nerve transfers for acute flaccid myelitis

Orthopedic surgeons Andrea Bauer, MD and Peter Waters, MD, successfully performed a partial radial to axillary nerve transfer on a 5-year-old patient who contracted a rare but increasingly common polio-like illness that affects the nervous system in the spinal cord.

Surgical management and decision-making for a traumatic growth plate injury

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon Collin May, MD, MPH, performed a hemiepiphysiodesis procedure on a 12-year-old with a growth deformity due to a traumatic leg injury. The variety of surgical options the patient family has to choose from as their child continues to grow makes the decision-making behind this case both unique and challenging.

Treating a pelvic ischial tuberosity fracture

Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Benton Heyworth, MD, details the shared decision-making process of non-operative versus operative treatment for this rare injury in a track athlete.

3-D printing the pre-op plan for PAO

Pediatric hip specialist Travis Matheney, MD, MLA utilized 3-D printing technology in pre-op planning a PAO for a patient with hip dysplasia and femoral acetabular impingement.