Orthopedic Specialists | Research Highlights

Each “Research Highlight” in Boston Children’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Advancing Orthopedics newsletter takes a closer look at one research publication of interest.

A new approach to transferring radial nerve triceps fascicles to the axillary nerve

Orthopedic Surgeon Andrea Bauer, MD, published a paper in The Journal of Hand Surgery detailing the success of the anterior approach to nerve transfer. She and her team successfully operated on a five-month-old girl with bilateral brachial plexus birth injury, who concurrently received two other types of nerve transfers.

Increasing operating room capacity through a dedicated Satellite Trauma Orthopedic Program

Orthopedic surgeon-in-chief Peter M. Waters, MD published a study detailing the success of a program to utilize the operating room (OR) capacity of a satellite campus in order to decrease stress on the ORs in our pediatric tertiary care center.

Reducing cast-saw injuries through simple simulation

Orthopedic surgeon Donald Bae, MD, and colleagues examine the clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of training residents on cast removal through a novel task trainer that mimics the surface temperature of a patient’s skin.

Spinal fusion in children with cerebral palsy

Rachel DiFazio, PhD, RN, PPCNP-BC, FAAN, and colleagues assessed changes in caregivers’ perceptions of health-related quality of life and caregiver burden following surgical correction of scoliosis in CP patients.