Laughter League


Did You Know?

Since 1995, the professional hospital Clown team at Boston Children’s Hospital has provided countless moments of joy, magic, and comfort to patients, families, and staff. 

Who We Are:

The Laughter League of The Foundation for Laughter, supported by the generosity of the Boston Children’s Hospital League.

The Laughter League team at Boston Children’s Hospital is comprised of veteran variety artists with a wealth of performance backgrounds, including circus arts, theater, improvisation, magic, music, and more. Each team member brings their unique skills, experience, and sensitivity to the work of hospital clowning, allowing them to make meaningful, spontaneous connections that relieve stress, bring joy, and contribute to the overall care of patients and families. All performers are trained in hospital protocol, including hygiene, confidentiality, sensitivity, and child development. 

Get to know the Boston Children's Hospital Laughter League Team

Clown Circle

What We Do:

Professional hospital Clowns utilize humor and laughter to help our patient families with the healing process. The Clowns of The Laughter League work with the Child Life Department and Medical staff to identify patients in need of a laugh. The Clowns are an integral part of the circle of care, providing distraction during procedures, encouraging kids to complete physical therapy tasks, to eat, to take medicine, and simply empowering them for a few moments during their hospitalization.  The Clowns prescribe important dosages of laughter and delight at times when the patients, their families, and even the hospital staff need it the most.

Laughter has been proven to help:

  • Relax Muscles
  • Reduce Stress Hormones
  • Build the Immune System
  • Reduce Pain
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Help Heart and Lungs Work Better
  • Provide Healing Moments of Joy and Delight

What We Offer:

Each day, Monday-Friday, at Boston Children’s Hospital, you’ll find a dedicated pair of Clowns from The Laughter League, on rounds, with a schedule of visits to specific areas. The Clowns perform bedside on inpatient units, in ICU’s, clinics, the Emergency Department, and waiting areas. 

The Foundation for Laughter's founders,Tiffany Riley and Dick Monday, and the entire Laughter League team, are committed to providing exceptional care to those we serve, to be ambassadors for Boston Children's Hospital--the # 1 ranked Pediatric facility in the USA -- and to find new ways to expand this work, and to collaborate with hospital colleagues through workshops, presentations, and training and development opportunities.
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