Community Partnerships

In addition to hospital staff, The Creative Arts Program at Boston Children’s Hospital also welcomes the support of volunteers and community partnerships. Local artists, musicians, museums, camps and more visit the hospital on a regular basis to support our patients and families in a creative way. Some visits are one time performances or workshops and some are more established relationships. Below are our three primary community partners. We also work closely with the Boston Ballet, Kidz B Kidz, Seacrest Foundation, and MyMusicRx.

The Creative Arts Program is happy to offer volunteer opportunities. We have weekly volunteer positions with the Art Cart, Artist-in-Residence, MyMusicRx Volunteer Music Program, and Volunteer Photography program. For more information about volunteer opportunities please visit their website or email them at:

MyMusic Rx

MyMusicRx is a program that brings local musicians into the hospital environment to provide environ-mental and experiential music activities. Our MyMusicRX volunteers play and perform music in a variety of locations throughout the hospital. MyMusicRX volunteers work closely with our Child Life Specialists and Music Therapists to offer an ideal musical experience for patients and families while they are visiting the hospital. To learn more about the MyMusicRx Volunteer Program and to get information on how to volunteer, please contact

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

The ICA’s Health and Social Service Youth Partnerships enable the museum to make a greater impact in Boston neighborhoods by offering hospital patients access to contemporary art experiences.These experiences take the form of studio lessons, developed by teaching artists that focus on contemporary art. Through the ICA’s partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, patients participate in an open studio space that supports and encourages their creativity via direct encounters with art making and discussion.

For more information please about this program contact the ICA’s Community Outreach Coordinator, at
Learn more about the ICA.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Artful Healing, a program of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, offers art-making activities to patients and their families at Boston Children’s Hospital. These art workshops are inspired by the MFA’s world-renowned collections and provide a fun and creative experience for participants undergoing medical treatment.

Each workshop begins with a slideshow of images from the MFA’s collection, chosen to focus around a particular theme ranging from animals to ancient jewelry. Participants have an opportunity to “explore” the MFA and connect with artworks and then make art in a hands-on activity related to what they have seen. From Chinese brush painting to sculpting with clay, and embossing foil pendants: the activities are varied and use studio-quality art materials. The result is a beautiful piece of art to keep.

MFA Artful Healing instructors are trained and experienced art educators who collaborate closely with hospital staff and will adapt to any specific needs. Scholarships to the MFA studio art classes and admission passes are also available to interested families.

Learn more about MFA Artful Healing or send an email to

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

The Hospital Outreach Program (HOP) allows us to bring the joy and fun of Hole in the Wall beyond the Camp grounds to children and families in a hospital setting. Taking the activities and experiences of Camp and transporting them to kids’ bedsides and playrooms, the program helps restore friendship and laughter in a time of fear, stress and uncertainty.

From arts & crafts to interactive games, HOP activities are inspired by our summer Camp program but are specially adapted to each unique hospital and clinic setting. And just like at Camp, all interactions are child-driven, restoring choice – something children undergoing medical treatment so often lack.

Learn more about The Hole in the Wall Gang hospital outreach.