Social Resources and Support

Teen Resources at Boston Children's Hospital

At Boston Children's Hospital, we know that taking care of your health goes beyond treating diseases and injuries. Mental, social and physical health are all connected, so we provide programs that care for all aspects of your well-being. Sometimes, the best medicine is talking to someone who understands.

  • Teen Advisory Committee (TAC)

    TAC is a team comprised of teens and young adults between 14 and 22 years of age, who are patients (or former patients) of Boston Children's Hospital. The group meets once a month so teens can voice their thoughts and concerns, develop and practice self advocacy skills and work towards making the hospital a better place for all teens and young adults. Check out our guide to making the move from pediatric to adult care, called One Step at a Time.

  • Hale Family Center for Families

    Located next to Au Bon Pain and the interactive wall in the main lobby, can help you find the information and resources to make your stay at Boston Children's a more positive experience. They offer information on all hospital services, computers for patient and family use and reading and video lending libraries.

  • Child Life Specialists

    A lengthy stay in the hospital can make you feel like your life has gone completely off course. Our Child Life Specialists are available to help ensure that your time at Boston Children's doesn’t interfere with your emotional, social and cognitive growth. They can help ease the fear and anxiety of a hospital stay and help you adjust when it’s time to return home and go back to school.