Complex Cervical Spine Program | Conditions We Treat

The Complex Cervical Spine Program treats a wide range of conditions affecting the spine and spinal cord located in the neck. Below is a partial list of our most commonly treated conditions. If you don’t see your or your child’s condition, please ask. No matter how rare or complex the condition, we can very likely treat it.

Traumatic Injury
Resulting from traumatic events such as birth injuries, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and falls; can cause spinal fracture and/or spinal cord injury of the neck

Cervical Spine Instability
Inability of the neck to properly support the head, caused by abnormal spinal alignment such as cervical kyphosis or cervical scoliosis

Congenital Defects of the Spine
Disorders of the cervical spine that develop very early in life

Skeletal dysplasia
A large and diverse group of bone and cartilage disorders that affects fetal skeletal development

Spinal tumors
An abnormal mass of tissue residing in the cervical spinal column or spinal cord; common types include:

Basilar invagination
The invasion of the spine upwards into the base of the skull, causing pressure on the spinal cord and brainstem

A detachment of the odontoid process from the rest of the second cervical vertebrae

Many cervical spine abnormalities are related to genetic syndromes including:

Rotary subluxation
A disorder of C1/C2 in which rotation of the neck is impaired

Chronic head-tilt and difficulty turning the head, sometimes called “wry-neck”