Feeding and Swallowing Program

The Feeding and Swallowing Program at Boston Children’s Hospital specializes in helping infants and children who have difficulty eating and drinking.   

Feeding is the most complex task an infant must do on a daily basis.  Learning to eat a wide variety of foods and drinking enough fluids continues to be a challenge for many children throughout childhood.

Safe and efficient feeding and swallowing skills are important to allow children to meet their nutritional requirements as they grow. Eating with family and friends is also an important social activity.


What sets us apart?

The speech-language pathologists in the Feeding and Swallowing Program are all fully qualified and licensed speech-language pathologists (CCC-SLP).  They are also  highly trained and experienced in managing children with feeding and swallowing difficulties, and apply the principles of evidence-based practice.  We strongly believe in the principles of family-centered care, and pride ourselves on our thorough assessment process and innovative approaches to intervention.

Our Speech-language pathologists are trained in head and neck anatomy, physiology, and neurology, and specialize in the management of communication and swallowing impairments and dysfunction.They regularly present at national and international scientific conferences, have numerous publications in this area, and run training workshops for other health professionals working in the field of pediatric feeding and swallowing difficulties

 See this link to the American Speech, Language, Hearing Association (ASHA) website for more about what we do http://www.asha.org/public/