Perioperative Care Coordination Clinic (PCCC)

The Perioperative Care Coordination Clinic (also known as PCCC or Pre-op) at Boston Children's Hospital will likely be your first stop if your child is scheduled for surgery or other procedures performed under anesthesia.


At the Perioperative Care Coordination Clinic (PCCC), you’ll receive information about your child’s surgical visit, including:

  • When your child should stop eating
  • what time to arrive at the hospital
  • what will happen during surgery/anesthesia
  • how long your child will have to stay in the hospital

Our anesthesiologists will also review your child’s medical history and create a plan of care for both during and after surgery. Our perioperative nurse practitioners, nurses and doctors will be available to answer any questions you have about anesthesia and the surgical process.

We understand that having surgery or simply being at the hospital can be a frightening time for your child and for you, so we’ll do everything possible to make sure you’re prepared.


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