General iPad Accessories

Apple TV   VGA Adapter Lightning Digital AV Adapter  Lightning VGA Adapter 
Apple TV: Gives you access to content — including blockbuster movies, your music and photos, and more — right on your widescreen TV. You can even play content from your iOS devices on your TV using AirPlay. Great for mirroring and iPHone or iPad to present. (Requires Wi-Fi to operate) $99.00 Put your slides, movies, photos, and everything else that fills your iPad or iPhone 4S screen on an even bigger screen — a VGA-equipped TV, monitor, or external projector for video mirroring. The Apple VGA Adapter mirrors exactly what you see on your screen so that everyone in the room can enjoy it. The Apple VGA Adapter supports video mirroring on iPad 2 or later and iPhone 4S; and video out (only) on iPad (1st generation), iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation). $29.00 The Lightning Digital AV Adapter supports mirroring of what is displayed on your device screen — including apps, presentations, websites, slideshows, and more — to your HDMI-equipped TV, display, projector, or other compatible display. Compatible with iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5, and iPod touch (5th generation). $49.00 Lightning to VGA Adapter - required to present from your iPad to most projectors at Boston Children's Hospital. Please review the model of your iPad before purchasing. The lightning connector works with the Ipad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch 5. $49.00

iPad Cases

Luvvitt Backlit Alano  Smart Cover  Orion 
Luvvitt Backlit Ultrathin keyboard cover - World's slimmest and lightest keyboard cover for iPad. Clip-and-go magnetic clip. Built-in Bluetooth BACKLIT keyboard with 7 color settings, convenient USB charging - no battery hassles $89.95  Alano for iPad iPad Smart Case: Multi-layered padding includes a high-impact, rigid insert and an Ultrasuede® scratch-free liner. At under-an-inch thin, this case sports luxurious padding to keep your new iPad mini, iPad 4, or iPad 3 (all with or without the Smart Cover) snug and secure, yet quickly accessible. No visible stitching keeps the case looking sleek and smooth. All Smart Cases come with a low-profile pocket that can hold your sync/charging cable and power adapter.
The Orion is a unique, full cover case for the iPad 2 and new iPad that allows for multiple viewing positions to allow for comfortable usage, video chatting or watching a video
MOST PROTECTIVE: LifeProof nüüd Apple iPad Case - Waterproof. Dirt proof. Snow proof. Shock proof.

Stylus Options

 Maglus Sensu Brush  Bamboo Pogo Sketch
BEST ALL-AROUND STYLUS: applydea Maglus Stylus $34.00 BEST PAINT BRUSH: The Sensu Brush: is the ultimate 2-in-one tool for digital artists. It delivers an authentic painting experience on your tablet or smartphone. The Sensu portable artist brush & stylus works great for capacitive touchscreens like iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus S, and other devices.$39.99
Bamboo Stylus: Offers a pen-like writing experience for tablets and mobile devices with a capacitive touch screen, such as the iPad, Google Nexus 7, or Amazon Kindle Fire $39.95
Pogo Sketch+: has been the industry standard iPad stylus for two years. The 2012 version incorporates a new tip providing more consistent and smoother operation. $14.95
 Kuel H10 Cosmonaut Jot Pro Jot Classic
BEST STYLUS FOR QUICK SCRIBBLING Kuel H10 Stylus Pen: a premium stylus specifically designed and optimized for use with the capacitive touch screen. Kuel H10 Stylus Pen has been designed to maximize the comfortable grip with its two layered surface structure. It is a very convenient and easy to use stylus pen loved by smartphone/ tablet users everywhere. $12.99
BEST DIAGRAMMING: The Cosmonaut was born out of our desire to have a really great stylus for our iPads. We love to sketch out quick ideas or doodle on our tablets, and using a stylus is much better than a finger for such tasks. The problem is, all the styluses on the market are designed to look and feel like a pen. But why? Writing or drawing on the iPad feels nothing like using a pen or pencil. The perfect tablet stylus is one that feels like a dry erase marker: fast, simple, low fidelity. $25.
BEST FOR WRITING: Jot Pro is a first-class stylus for iPad. The sound dampening tip simulates natural pen and paper contact for a smoother and quieter stroke. The rubber grip provides comfort while the sleek brushed aluminum and steel shines in all four colors. To top it off, it magnetically attaches to your iPad for storage and transport. Jot Pro is the new standard for a touch screen stylus. $29.99
Jot Classic: Meet the original precise stylus for the iPad and other tablets. A cap protects the disc and ballpoint when Jot’s not in use, and it twists onto the back when Jot is helping you work. Classic comes with the same precision and craftsmanship as the rest of the family, and colors to match your style: Green, Purple, Turquoise, and Red. $15.99
Kensington Virtuoso      
Kensington Virtuoso™ Pro Pen: provides a sophisticated and elegant design offering a flawless performance. The blend of a Rollerball Pen and responsive touch stylus makes note-taking easy on your tablet and notepad. And the conductive quality barrel delivers greater comfort and control with a sculpted clip for easy storage. $29.99