Hemangioma | Symptoms & Causes

What are the symptoms of hemangiomas in children?

Hemangiomas appear as a red birthmark within one to three weeks after birth. During the first six months of life, they may grow in size and protrude from the skin, and many eventually fade and disappear. Some hemangiomas present as deep lesions under the skin and may not be noted until later.

Skin hemangiomas may appear anywhere on a baby’s body. Common locations include:

  • face
  • chest
  • scalp
  • back

The size and color of your child’s hemangioma depends on what type it is.

What causes hemangioma in children?

Hemangiomas are rarely hereditary. There are no known food, medication or activity during pregnancy that causes a baby to develop a hemangioma.

Researchers led by Joyce Bischoff, PhD, at Boston Children’s Vascular Biology Program, have discovered that hemangiomas originate from stem cells. This research might lead the way for more medication management options in the future. Learn more about our hemangioma research.