Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) is made up of parents and caregivers of Boston Children’s patients as well as several Boston Children’s staff members. Our mission is to ensure that patients and families are engaged in all decisions that affect quality of care, safety and patient experience.

The goal of the council is to ensure that patients and families are engaged in all decisions that affect the quality of care, safety, and the patient experience at Boston Children’s. FAC members engage with the hospital in three key ways:

Family advisory council advise
& Share

Provide feedback at monthly council meetings and in focus groups, workgroups, and committees.

Family advisory council partner

& Support

Participate in hospital committees that are focused on the strategic and corporate goals of Boston Children’s.

Family advisory council drive

& Lead

Identify and drive projects that are important to the FAC, working with hospital departments along the way.

Join the Family Advisory Council


If you would like to get involved with the Family Advisory Council, please complete our Family Advisory Council Interest Survey. A member of our team will reach out to you regarding your interest and guide you through our process. 

Time commitment

Monthly Family Advisory Council meetings are usually held on weekday evenings. Additionally, members are asked to dedicate one to three additional hours per month to serve on committees and workgroups throughout Boston Children’s.

Annual reports

Under Massachusetts law, all Patient and Family Advisory Councils are required to write annual reports each year and to make them available to members of the public. Health Care for All, a Massachusetts-based organization dedicated to making adequate and affordable health care accessible to everyone, designs the template that Boston Children's Hospital must use to populate its annual report.

We invite you to read Boston Children's Hospital's most recent Family Advisory Council Annual Report.

Every interaction I have had as a member of the FAC has been meaningful and productive, and I am always left with a feeling that something was accomplished, and we were heard.

— Katie Baker, FAC member and mom to Jack, a Boston Children's patient