Suggestion Box

Do you have an idea on how we might improve at Boston Children's? Please share it with us!

At Boston Children’s Hospital, we work to meet the needs of every patient and family, and we know that providing the highest quality medical care is only part of your experience. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience, and no one knows what patients and families want — and need — better than you. 

Our Suggestion Box is a place for you to share your ideas about what could improve your experience — and the experiences of others.

Please note that our suggestion box isn’t the place for complaints or concerns about any of the following:

  • your child’s specific medical care
  • if you think a volunteer or staff member has done something wrong (misconduct)
  • a billing complaint

The Suggestion Box is one-way anonymous communication, so we won’t be able to directly address the issue or contact you about your concern. If you required your concern to be addressed directly, please call Patient Relations at 617-355-7673.

What are examples of suggestions?

Since 2018, some of the most exciting improvements we’ve made to the Boston Children’s experience have been the direct result of suggestion from patients and families, including:

  • Developing a process for in-room meal delivery for family members
  • Adding healthy option vending machines on the ICU
  • Installing adult-sized changing tables in some family restrooms
  • Developing a program to provide a warm welcome to patients and families and empower them to ask questions until they understand
  • Creating a “Discharge Buddy Program” where designated members of our staff aid families in getting to their cars upon discharge

What happens to my suggestion?

Every suggestion is reviewed by staff members to first see if it’s possible to act on, and to see which topics are common themes. Suggestions are then reviewed and voted on by our Family Advisory Council to determine which ones we can move forward first. While we do our best to implement as many suggestion as possible, we may not be able to act on every one.