Who We Are

What is the Office of Clinician Support?

The Office of Clinician Support is a safe place to talk. Even a few minutes can help reduce your level of stress. 

Hospitals are complex environments. Taking care of sick patients, especially children, can be demanding and emotionally draining. Academic pressure, hospital regulations, and differences among staff can also contribute to workplace stress.

The OCS typically hears concerns about situations that interfere with productive work and/or home life. Concerns may involve a colleague, supervisor, co-worker, a family member, or a friend. The OCS offers an unbiased and impartial perspective place to voice concerns, evaluate situations, organize thoughts, and decide what is important according to a clinician’s specific circumstances. The OCS also helps identify other resources that may be useful. The OCS assures confidentiality and is independent from the hospital administration so that the clinician has a “safe place to talk."

The Office of Clinician Support can provide help with the following:

Patient and family concerns

  • adverse medical events
  • challenging family interactions
  • patient deaths
  • chronically ill children

Work setting concerns

  • communication problems
  • disruptive behaviors
  • personality conflicts
  • hospital system problems

Personal concerns

  • hospital stress and burnout
  • depression or anxiety
  • family issues
  • substance abuse problems