Cerebral Arteriopathies in Children

What are cerebral arteriopathies?

Cerebral arteriopathies are disorders that affect the arteries in the brain. There are several different types of these blood vessel abnormalities, including moyamoya disease, arterial dissection and vasculitis. About a quarter of cerebral arteriopathies have no known cause. Cerebral arteriopathies are can be found especially in children who have an arterial ischemic stroke (AIS). According to some estimates, about two-thirds of children who experience an AIS have some type of underlying cerebral arteriopathy.

How we care for cerebral arteriopathies

Children who have experienced a stroke as the result of a cerebral arteriopathy receive treatment from the team of experts in our Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center. Treatment may include the use of drugs to stop inflammation or to decrease blood clotting. When surgery is necessary to treat the underlying arteriopathy, we work with our colleagues in the Cerebrovascular Surgery and Interventions Center to coordinate seamless interdisciplinary care of these children.